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30 April, 2007

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Although telework hits the headlines less frequently these days it is still highly relevant to many of the issues facing modern society: the environment, aging workforce, social inclusion, migration, quite apart from the economic aspects.

Over the next few months the site will reflect these changes, with the Telework week and Awards being edited into a coherent story.

The ETW site will continue to reflect the many changes that are occurring in the developing information society. Although there is no longer a Telework Week or Awards programme, the site will continue to promote events and activities in this area. The site focuses on the changing nature of socio-economic activity, in various areas including; changes to the nature of work and the working environment. good practice, case studies, security and dependability, and policy issues. Plus events and activities of interest.




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12th International Workshop on Telework

28th - 30th August 2007, Lillehammer, Norway

“Innovations and e-collaboration in distributed organizations”

On this site

  • The full archives of previous Telework Week Activities and Telework Awards.
  • European Commission publications and those from projects
  • Other Telework links to projects and Associations
  • A selection of Good practice sites covering a variety of activities including eWork, eCommerce etc
  • A collection of case studies extracted from the Beep knowledge base covering a wide geographic area. The case studies cover; Work and skills, Digital SMEs, Social Inclusion, and Regional Development.
    Most of the cases cited have a strong element of telework in them.
    There are currently
    23 case studies available.
  • A view on projects working in the area of telework
  • A view of events of interest to the telework, eGovernment and socio-economic research community

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